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Ladywood offers a variety of training courses, support opportunities and social events throughout the school year to help us liaise and get to know the parents, families and carers of our pupils.

We like to regularly communicate with you and share your child’s experiences with you. Our school blog and website are regularly up-dated to show you what your child has learnt. At Ladywood we value the strong two way communicate we have with parents through our school diaries, parents meetings, training days and social events.

The training we offer covers areas such as communication, restricted diet, computing and e-safety and the subjects covered are often led by the needs of our children and their families. We are fortunate to be able to offer and share our knowledge due to the experience of our school staff, on-site outreach team and other outside agencies.

The Friends of Ladywood is a committee of staff and parents that work together to fundraise and organise school events. We welcome new members and any ideas for future events. These events are always very popular and well attended.

“Since my daughter has started at Ladywood. I feel I have become part of a family that understands my daughter and myself. I have been shown support, gained advice and most of all I feel welcome. I feel the staff go up and above their duties with the best interests of the children in mind at all times. I enjoy the school website, the blog and the twitter page. I feel involved in the school and welcomed. The school diaries are a great way to keep the communication going from both sides. I feel lucky we are part of the Ladywood family” Melanie Andrews (parent)

“The open and responsive nature of the team at Ladywood is absolutely invaluable, especially for children who have limited communication. Being involved in the day to day of school is a great help and gives us greater insight into our sometimes mysterious child” Daniel Steele (parent)

Ladywood School prides itself on its partnership with parents and carers and we know that this relationship is crucial in the success of our children. We are committed to supporting the families of our people.

Please feel free to contact Steph Powell via email at