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Our Values and Ethos

At Ladywood we value the uniqueness of every child. We utilise the core strengths of our team and those around us, within the community to fully support the development of every child. We have created an environment where everyone’s opinion is valued. We inspire all to embrace learning and have aspirational goals. We celebrate success and are proud that we provide an environment, which is both empowering and rich in trust, well-being and safety.

We do our very best for all children, developing confidence, establishing strong relationships, instilling communication, integrity and respecting each other to always do the right thing. Using new ideas and knowledge, we take positive risks, by being positive and embracing change with a willingness to continually improve. At Ladywood we fully believe that success is instilled through working as a holistic team and go the extra mile; being role models to others and striving to be the best we can.