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Creative Arts


At Ladywood we highly value the role Creative and Expressive Arts plays in supporting our children to engage with the curriculum and interact with others. We work with a wide range of artists, organisations and art forms, to develop our children’s individual interests, talents, and creative experiences. The Creative Arts enriches the Ladywood curriculum, to support all areas of learning.

Children have opportunities to engage with visiting practitioners such as; actors, dancers, musicians, artists and the Bolton Museum and Library Services. This fully supports our commitment to develop children’s engagement, communication, thinking skills, and personal and social development. 
















As part of the Bolton Cultural Learning Partnership, Ladywood, in collaboration,  explores how schools can improve the local cultural offer for all children within the borough. We have strong partnerships with local arts and cultural organisations such as the Octagon and Bolton Museum and Library Services. We also work alongside Curious Minds, the Northern Bridge Organisation for the Arts Council, on the Specialist Leaders of Cultural Education programme.

Locally we participate in the Bolton Music Festival and the Bolton Dance festival ensuring our pupils have multiple opportunities to perform and show their talents.  With our Cluster Schools we are looking at how we can bring people together and solve local problems using the creative arts. Little Lever Children Love  Little Lever.

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