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Leading Parent Partnership Award

Leading Parent Partnership Award

We are delighted to have achieved the Leading Parent Partnership Award. The process involved being assessed on how information is shared, the induction process, transition, supporting children’s learning/developing parents’ own learning and gathering and sharing feedback. Information was also gathered from stakeholders (Parents, staff, a Trustee and pupils) to gain a broader understanding of home-school collaboration. Particular strengths noted were:
“an ethos of supporting and involving parents continues to be embedded in school practice both in strategic planning and practice.”

” the school has successfully developed since the previous reassessment and how activities and resources will continue to develop.”

“a wide range of strategies to help parents support their child’s learning and to support the whole family, adapting to the very individual needs of parents and their child.”

” Personal communication remains a priority.”

We want to be even better by:

Learning from the positive aspects of Covid experiences and to ensure that we are able to continue to offer our families communications through their preferred choices.

Continuing to gather the views of parents and provide feedback using different platforms.

Facilitating opportunities for peer support and networking for parents.

We are always looking to improve how we work with parents/carers. Please get in touch to share your views or ideas: