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Ladywood offers a wide range of SEND Programmes, below are just a few!

Autism Spectrum Disorder
Ladywood offers a range of programmes that are aimed at supporting pupils with ASD within the school setting. The courses offered range from a taster session that focuses on the basic understanding of how to support pupils with ASD to a day programme that aims at providing a ‘Deeper Understanding’.

Communication Strategies and use of Visual Supports
This course will explore the use of purposeful communication strategies, which will help identify and support those children who have difficulty in participating and engaging in learning. During the session you will explore interaction, questioning and enhancing your learning environment through the use of effective communication strategies. By the end of the session all delegates will have an interactive resource they can implement in the learning environment immediately.

Ladywood is delighted to offer two new programmes that support pupils with Specific Learning Difficulties:
    -  SpLD Awareness and Classroom Strategies - a basic introduction to Dyslexia, Dspraxia, Dyscalculia
    -  Dyslexia Friendly Classroom/School - an overview of the approaches that need to be implemented to create a ‘dyslexia friendly classroom/school’

For further details or to book a place on any of Ladywood’s Programmes please contact the Teaching School directly.

Outreach Service

Ladywood School is an Outstanding Special School situated in the heart of Bolton.‚Äč

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