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Wild and Free


Our Wild and Free curriculum is designed to give our children a rich and diverse range of experiences developing their knowledge, emotional intelligence, behaviour, well-being and personal skills to be effective citizens of the future.

It provides pupils with opportunities to have memorable experiences that will enhance, motivate and challenge them.



These first hand experiences are designed to develop essential life skills that will promote communication skills, resilience, risk taking and problem solving.

Wild and Free experiences are designed to help our children develop self-regulation skills, coping mechanisms and connect with those around them.

It allows our children to be active, take notice of their environment and be prepared for their next phase of education which may include the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.

Our children will be given the opportunity to be challenged and experience success, building confidence and self-esteem.
It will develop their awareness and understanding of the world around them enabling them to flourish in society as a young adult.

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