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We recently asked Ladywood parents for their thoughts on school life, these are some of the fabulous comments that we received:

“Habeeba has come on leaps and bounds since joining Ladywood. Its clear how much she is learning and opening up, but most importantly its how much she is enjoying it. She makes it clear she wants to go to school every morning and would be even ready to attend at the weekend if it was an option. his is all through your hard work and dedication.” (Parent)

“Since my daughter has started at Ladywood. I feel I have become part of a family that understands my daughter and myself. I have been shown support, gained advice and most of all I feel welcome. I feel the staff go up and above their duties with the best interests of the children in mind at all times. I enjoy the school website, the blog and the twitter page. I feel involved in the school and welcomed. The school diaries are a great way to keep the communication going from both sides. I feel lucky we are part of the Ladywood family” 


“As people you are truly inspiring. Patience, kindness and love that you have held in your hearts for our son. That says so much about the people you are within yourselves. The care and dedication you have shown our family. You are people that help restore faith in humanity.

We really cannot begin to express the gratitude we feel. You as teachers and the whole of the school. I know our boy has made a lasting impression and also filled it with giggles and love as school have for him.


All of those amazing special children that YOU make a difference to. It ripples across to your families who learn from you about our children as you learn from us. We do become one big family. And that is what we will miss. Your support and friendship.

You are more than a school.”        (Parent)


“I am so proud of his progress. You are all fantastic with our children and it means to world to me as my worry has always been him struggling. You have all brought out the best in him and his full potential and I cannot thank you enough.” (Parent)


“The open and responsive nature of the team at Ladywood is absolutely invaluable, especially for children who have limited communication. Being involved in the day to day of school is a great help and gives us greater insight into our sometimes mysterious child” (Parent)


Since joining Ladywood my child has been shown kindness, 

support and patience by all those around him. Now 3 years in he’s come such a long way, being guided and encouraged by his 

teachers daily. Upon starting, he was unable to respond to his name, 

engage with his peers and struggled with eye contact.

He has now developed his independence skills, interacts with peers

and in the community. We could not be happier with this amazing 

school. Although he is unable to verbally communicate yet, he is

known to everyone as ‘the happy one that always giggles”, which 

shows how much he is enjoying his school life. Thank you all so 

much for providing the kindness and love to help him grow.'  (Parent)

“What a truly incredible school. Walking around you can see the love you have for the children. The displays are amazing! This is the most beautiful school I have ever been into” (Amazon manager)


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